Meet the Team

Carlos Vazquez, Founder & CEO

An EdTech Entrepreneur, Carlos officially began his teaching career with the NYC Teaching Fellows. He holds an M.S. in Web Strategy and Design along with an M.S. in Education. He is adjunct faculty at Miami Dade College and serves on the Vice Provost’s Council at FIU.

Dave Ostergren, Program Manager

Dave is a teacher turned entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging technology to solve real world problems in education. Before joining the team as Program Manager, Dave participated in the first Miami EdTech Accelerator Cohort while collaborating with fellow Teach For America alumnus Samantha Pratt on an edtech tool called KlickEngage.

Alexis Mabe, Instructional Designer

Alexis is currently a PhD Candidate at Lamar University in the Global Educational Leadership program. She teaches high school science and is passionate about creative classroom environments and bringing modern tools and practices to the school environment. She was recently selected to speak at ISTE 2018 on using principles of successful start-up companies in the classroom.

Al Delcy, Chief Digital

A talented full stack web developer and designer, Al has an MBA from FIU and has spent the last few years working in various roles in the EdTech space. He has served as an instructor, web developer, and videographer for a number of South Florida organizations.

Board & Advisors

Samantha Pratt, Founder & CEO of KlickEngage

As an expert on the impact of mental health on classroom achievement, Samantha works to provide equitable education for all students. Currently, Samantha serves as CEO and Founder of KlickEngage, an app that uses emotional intelligence tools to limit the impact of complex trauma on student achievement. She is also pursuing a degree in Education Policy and Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to be able to create lasting civic change around mental health in schools.

Alfonso Perez, Accelerator Advisor

An EdTech entrepreneur at the intersection of innovation, data, product, and growth.

Anthony Hernandez,
Product Manager / Scrum Master

Start ups, Marketing, advertising, Psychology, business strategy, technology, debate, buildingthings/disrupting things, consulting, career coaching, sales, Business development, power broker,Production, Humor, and Foodie.

Evan Leaphart, Founder of KiddieKredit

Serial entrepreneur… Mentor… Driven to create solutions that make the world a better place to live in. Specialties: Negotiation, Brand Strategy, Location of Target Market, Advertising, Marketing, Direct Sales

Linda Sun
Board Member


Michael Shea
Board Member


Jose Medina
Board Member