EdXpert Certification Program

The Miami EdTech EdXpert program is designed to show educators how to effectively use technology, pedagogy and learning spaces to achieve learning goals. What are EdXperts? They are on the front lines of meaningful tech use in education, equipped with the knowledge and understanding as to how to leverage new and existing edtech products to enhance their instruction and practice as educators. 

What will you learn?

  • The Technology Integration Matrix  
  • The SAMR Model of Meaningful Tech Use
  • Dive into Richard Clark’s ‘Media Will Never Influence Learning’ article
  • Examples of resources to enhance how you use education technology tools

This is a perfect opportunity for educators to find tools that are meaningful, simple, and easy to incorporate into learning experiences. You’ll take your existing lessons and reimagine them utilizing your new edtech toolbox! 


Meet Your Instructor!

Alexis Mabe  is currently a PhD Candidate at Lamar University in the Global Educational Leadership program. She teaches high school science and is passionate about creative classroom environments and bringing modern tools and practices to the school environment. She was selected to speak at ISTE 2018 on using principles of successful start-up companies in the classroom!