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EdXpert Fundamentals

The Miami EdTech EdXpert program is designed to show educators how to effectively use technology, pedagogy and learning spaces to achieve learning goals. What are EdXperts? They are on the front lines of meaningful tech use in education, equipped with the knowledge and understanding as to how to leverage new and existing edtech products to enhance their instruction and practice as educators.

Meaningful Technology

Learn what it means to use technology according to learning outcomes.

Effective Pedagogy

What does it mean to foster 21st century skill development?

Learning Spaces

One of the most important things you can do to impact learning is alter your space.

EdXpert Fundamentals Course

Topics Covered

The technology integration matrix

Develop the skills needed to understand how to use technology in a way that meets your learning goals.

samr model of meaningful tech use

This framework categorizes four different degrees of classroom technology integration.

media will never influence learning

Learn about the impact of media and attributes of media on learning, motivation and efficiency gains from instruction.


Most frequent questions and answers

How does it work?

The EdXpert Fundamentals program is a half-day workshop that focuses on establishing your foundation for meaningful use of technology in the classroom.

What more can I learn?

After completion of the EdXpert Fundamentals course, you’ll be able to access our library of courses that cover various offerings such as Microsoft, Apple, Nearpod, Google, and more.

What if I already use Tech?

We’re happy to hear it! Our goal is to recalibrate what it means to use technology in a meaningful way regardless of the topic that you teach. Our EdXpert Fundamentals course allows us to ensure that we’re all on the same page.

Who teaches the Edxpert courses?

Our Instructors are all teachers with advanced degrees in Education and Instructional Technology. Our curriculum advisors have doctorates in education and curriculum creation.

Is there a stipend?

We are in the process of establishing partnerships that can allow teachers to earn a stipend of up to $500 for participating in the EdXpert Fundamentals workshop along with the rest of our catalog. Stay tuned for more information!